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Scopes Monkey Trial of 1925

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In 1925 the teacher from tennesse John T. Scopes was a victim in the 1925 Scopes Monkey Trial. The Trial happened because John T. Scopes was teaching his students that humans evolved from monkeys, instead of teaching what the bible said about people coming to the earth from the Adam and Eve theory. Teaching anything but that humans were created from God was against the law during the 1920's and this controversy led to a trial that would change what Americans were taught about life forming in a major way.



On Thursday, July 16, the defense called its first witness Dr. Maynard Metcalf to the stand. Dr. Maynard Metcalf was a zoologist from John Hopkins University. The prosecution objected arguring that he that it was irrelevant calling that witness to the stand. The defense moked the doctors theory saying that "not even from American monkeys, but Old World monkeys."







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