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1. the doctrine that matter and all things were created, substantially as they now exist, by an omnipotent Creator, and not gradually evolved or developed.

2. (sometimes initial capital letter) the doctrine that the true story of the creation of the universe is as it is recounted in the Bible, esp. in the first chapter of Genesis.

3. the doctrine that God immediately creates out of nothing a new human soul for each individual born.



Creationism is idealy how the earth, our existence, and everything we know of was created. It doesnt have to do with one religion in general, but all the ideas of how existence was created. Creationism deals with our origins. Catholicism, Christianity, Jeduism, Buddhist, Hinduism etc. Many creationists have a deep hatred towards evolutionists, at least as far as the sreryotype of religious hatred goes.

"The term creationism is most often used to describe the belief that creation occurred literally as described in the book of Genesis (for both Jews and Christians); the Qur'an (for Muslims); or the views of the Bhaktivedanta Institute for consciousness studies, of the Hindu texts referring to a divine creation. The terms creationism and creationist have become particularly associated with beliefs conflicting with the theory of evolution by mechanisms acting on genetic variation."



Evolution deals with the idea that human life evolved from apes, and mutations led to this change. Most other beliefs deal with some kind of supreme being, that simply created everything. The problem with evolution is that it deals with our existence, not everythings existence. It conflicts with the ability to look for answers about why we are here. Evolution doesnt give us a meaning.











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