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Act 3 Study Guide

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 8 months ago

We are focusing on level three questions for Act Three. Please take the time to post thoughtful and interesting questions that will assist the reader in their understanding of the play.


What importance does Brady's death have on Drummond? Please explain. - DC AC ZY KC


Give your opinion about how this trial relates to your life and school cliques.- JM KN AM KL


If you were Drummond would you have supported Cates in the trial even if it was against your religion? why?-JR SW LD TM


Did always coming in second affect what Brady believed? NP QB JS CF



Explain what Drummond means when he says that “Right has no meaning to me whatsoever! Truth has meaning-as a direction. But one of the peculiar imbecilities of our time is the grid of morality we have placed on human behavior: so that ever act of man must be measured against the arbitrary latitude of right and longitude of wrong, in exact minutes, seconds, and degrees!”



What matters to Drummond at the end of the story? What is he trying to symbolize by clapping the two books together? – MD, CH, PH, DR


Why did Drummond stick up for Brady when they had so many differences? How does this compair to todays fighting? KMS,JMS,DD

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