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Act 2-2 Study Guide

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We are focusing on level two questions for Act Two. Please take the time to post thoughtful and interesting questions that will assist the reader in their understanding of the play.


Why do you think that Drummonds case is "cooked?" D.C.


Is this really a fair trial? L.D


When Brown says," Strike this sinner, as down Thou didst Thine enemies of old, in the days of the Pharoh's," what does he mean? Do you think he is relating the enemies to Cates?~(KC)


After Drummond's questioning of Brady, do you think that he might be able to get a not guilty verdict for Cates? - AC



What is Drummond Trying to do to Brady, and to prove to the court by putting Brady on the stand?-S.W.


What point is drummond trying to prove when brady is put on the stand, and what are the reactions of the towns people when this happens?


What are the techniques Drummond uses to question Brady? K.N.


How do you think knowing Drummonds technique (putting the town on trial) effect the trial? TM


What is the significance of Drummond interogatting Brady? How will it help him win the case? a.m.


Why do you think that Brady is acting childish after being laughed at? C.F.

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