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Act 2-1 Study Guide

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We are focusing on level two questions for Act Two. Please take the time to post thoughtful and interesting questions that will assist the reader in their understanding of the play.


What does the jury think if they went to the prayer meeting? Q.B.


In the last line why do you think Drummond said Brady moved away by not moving at all. N.P.


Why does Brady say “we are fighting the fight of the faithful throughout the world”? C.H.


Although I know most of us would disagree with the beliefs of the townspeople and Colonel Brady, but what portion of todays society, both in the U.S. and in different countries, would agree with them?J.S.


Reverend brown said that God should damn his daughter. Why is this important and what effect will it probably have on Rachel and to the trial? P.H.


Why do you think E. K. Hornbeck attended the prayer meeting? What could he get out of it? - M. D.


Do you think that Brady and Drummond will sort out their difference about their religious points of veiws and become friends again? L.D


What would force the Reverand to go against his daughter Rachel? J.M.


Do you think that Brady is the one who has moved away by standing still?-KY.S


Did anyone who believed in Cates theroy go to the prayer meeting just to see what was going on? A.B.


Even if Drummond held a seperate meeting for evolution would anyone dare to go and who do you think it would be. D.D


Why do you think that Brady wanted Rachel to testify against Cates?- P.S.


Did Brady and Drummond know what they believed in back in 1908 when Drummond supported Brady in his campaign?- G.A.S


If Rachel testified, would Brady have enough information to win the case? C.F.

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