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Act 1-2 Study Guide

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Act 1-2 Study Guide Act 1-2 Study Guide We are focusing on level one questions for Act One. Please take the time to post thoughtful and interesting questions that will assist the reader in their understanding of the play.


Why is William Harrison Brady so concerned about upholding the integrity of the trial when his main point is that Cates lacks all integrity? N.P.


Why do they have to interveiw the people to be part of the jury? and do they still do that today? J.R.


What kind of people are on the jury? z.y.


Who's side is the jury on?- P.S.


Why does Rachel stick by her father even if she thinks he's wrong?-K.N.


Would Rachel stick by her father the whole time during the trial or will she break away and stick up for what she believes and why? R.M.


Do you think having people on the jury that don't have an opinion on creationalism and evolution will have a positive or negative effect on the trial? J.B.


Why does Rachel feel like she needs to hide what she wants to do or say? E.S.


Based on what we know about this town, is it at all possible to pick an impartial jury? J.S.


Are they going to support the evolution idea ever? J.D.M.


Based on what we know about the town being very religious, will that effect the virdict in the trial against Cates? A.B.


Why do you think that the people in the town of Hillsboro dislike Cates for his teachings of evolution as much or more as they dislike someone that committed a murder? C.H.


What purpose do you think there is for hornbeck to be in this town and to be part of this trial other than for a story for the newspaper? P.H.


Will Hornbeck in any way pursuade the jury because of his attendance at the trial? D.R


What made Rachel not go to her father when she had that nightmare? G.A.S


Do they have to swear to tell the truth when they get interviewed to be in the jury? C.F.

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