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Act 1-1 Study Guide

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 8 months ago

We are focusing on level one questions for Act One. Please take the time to post thoughtful and interesting questions that will assist the reader in their understanding of the play.


What kind of character do you take E. K. Hornbeck to be? - M. D.



What exactly does Bertrem Cates teach that is against the law? - KY. S.



Does Cates belive in evolution? L.D


How do you think the town has reacted to the publicity thus far? Q.B.


Why is E.K. Hornbeck in Hillsboro if he is not there to be a lawer? S.W.


What kind of specific relationship is there between Rachel and Cates????????????????? A.B.


If there is something between Cates and Rachel, what do you think Rachel's father will think about it? D.C.


Why do you think Rachel doesn't want her dad to find out she is helping Cates? Why do you think she is helping him, is she siding with him and forgetting about the way she was raised, creationism? (K.C.)


Where do you think that rachel is going if anywhere and why? J.B.


Why do you think the towns people were selling so many items? A.C.


What was the reaction of the prosecution when the defence lawyer was mentioned? Q.B.


Why is Hornebeck so interested in this case?z.y.


What is hornbecks sense of humor?z.y.


Why does Cates have to teach about creationism if he supports evolution?- J.D.M


Heathen- an unconverted individual of a people that do not acknowledge the God of the Bible; a person who is neither a jew, christian or muslom.- S.W.



Why did Bertrem Cates want to go back into the seller when the judge offered him to stay up stairs? - P.S.


In this chapter Hornbeck talks to a monkey, why do you tink he did this. P.H.


Why does Hornbeck call Henry Drummond the Devil? D.C.


what does rachels father, reverned brown, do when order her around? -KY.S


Do you think that Drummonds is like the devil? -C.F.


. Why was there a monkie in the store? JS

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